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1 About

My name is James and this is my website. I've been in IT, well, seems like forever.1 I've worked in many industries and with many technologies, languages, and operating systems. Ask me about embedding a JVM in production PL/I code running on VMS to gain access to Oracle and Sybase databases hosted on Tru64 and Solaris. I currently find myself in an AIX2 retail shop, currently sorting out the intricacies of building instalp packages. More details of my professional life can be found on LinkedIn. I've always seem to be in a application development silo or a system admin/engineer silo. This devops thing I keep hearing about looks very interesting to me.

When I'm not working, I enjoy learning about different programming techniques, languages, and operating systems. I ran across a language called Haskell, which I really need to set aside some time to really learn. Lambda calculus seems really interesting, too. Perhaps I'll make time to actually acquire a Master's or Ph.D. in computer science or mathematics, but I don't really know what I would do with such a thing if I had one. I am really making efforts to learn lisp currently, specifically emacs-lisp. I would really like to understand all this stuff emacs does, especially org-mode. I've actually learned enough to make this website. I even stumbled across this thing called literate programming. Have a look here to read about how I have created this site. That file is actually tangled to create an elisp file which configure org-mode so emacs can publish this site.

Please consider this site BETA, it is a work in progress and really a test bed for learning html, css, web design, whatever else fits in here.

1.1 TODO fix the navigation css.

1.2 TODO fix css

  • TOC needs to be under banner
  • looks like crap on a phone.

1.3 TODO find aonther way for the ddg search box to work. This looks like crap in lynx

1.4 TODO update resume,

2 Projects

2.1 $HOME in VCS

For some time now, several years anyway, I've been making an effort keep all my dotfiles in a VCS. I think my first attempt was with CVS, because that was all there was. I then moved to subversion, and now have everything in git. I found keeping your life in svn full of interesting ideas, some of which help get around a few issues I was having. I wanted to keep the environment on each shell account I have the same, but I don't need everything everywhere. I don't need window manager configs on boxes that don't have X for instance. The idea was instead of having all the configs in one place, separate components out and build symlinks. This has worked quite nicely. I will attempt a description here, but probably not a very good description.

2.1.1 $HOME



Remember the CoCo? That was my first computer. After learning BASIC, I learned 6809E Assembly language.


ODM, stanza files, very strange shared object model, what's not to like?

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