Another year has past

Another year is in the books. I suspect it is now appropriate to look backward at what was accomplished, not accomplished, disappointments and maybe even successes. Perhaps it is also appropriate to set goals for the incoming year.

If I look at the blog posts I actually wrote last year, (which are conveniently listed in the sidebar), it seems I didn't do much, or perhaps there is no correlation between accomplishments and frequency of blog posts. I won't do that and instead say I did more things, just didn't write1 about them. Perhaps I will try to write about things more things. There is this wiki thing which may enable such.

What did I actually accomplish last year?

I've actually accomplished quite a few personal and family things, which I won't discuss here as, well, they are personal and not really any of your business. I've actually shut down my personal blog this past year.

I've also accomplished many technical and professional things. I actually gave a talk at SouthEast LinuxFest. The talk was more fun than I expected. It was also well received. Perhaps I'll do another presentation this year.

I've learned a new operating system, GuixSD. Well, it's not really a new operating system, just a different way of putting together a GNU/Linux system. I've also blogged about it.

Learning Guix also gave be a better appreciation of functional programming. I went on to learning Clojure and gnu guile. Still haven't learned Haskell. Maybe this year, maybe not. I'm still not a big fan of static typing and much prefer duck typing. Not saying I won't learn Haskell because of this, Haskell just seems weird to me.

So, what other technical have I done? I've managed build a system around fai to barf out Ubuntu images for $work and setup a system around reprepro for distribution of custom packages. I have possibly created a custom Ubuntu distribution of sorts, but that's for $work, so I can't talk about here. Not a big fan of Ubuntu anyway, much prefer Debian or Guix. I've also become rather proficient at creating Debian packages.

What shall I accomplish in 2018?

Well, won't really know that until 2019 ;).

  • I would like to give more talks at local conferences and meetups. Just don't seem to be many around here.
  • Become better with functional languages. Perhaps even start to understand CLOS or GOOPS.
  • Bring the infrastructure at the house in shape. Lot's of ideas, many half implemented. I need to fix this.
  • Finish the media server thing I actually started a few weeks ago.

  1. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it make a sound -- If someone accomplishes a thing and tells no one, is it still an accomplishment? ↩