Debian released Debian 9 (Stretch) . I've been running Debian as my primary distribution since Hamm, which was a really long time ago. I think the first distribution I used was Yggdrasil, which is no longer. I may have first used Slackware but I disremember.

When Jessie was released, I decided to look for alternatives as I do not like systemd. Is that enough to make me abandon Debian after all these years? In and of itself, no, of course not, there are plenty of other packages within Debian that I do not use. The issue I have is that I have no choice. Not that I'm a big fan of SysVInit either. I've been using Daemontools and then runit as my init system since I discovered them1. Starting with Jessie, it became harder to use a different init system, even with Sid using a non default init system is becoming tedious. I have better things to do with my time, so I chose to leave Debian. I have to choose to either learn systemd2 or use a distribution that hasn't drank the systemd kool-aid. I choose to do the latter.

As I have chosen not to drink the systemd kool-aid, I am now faced with choosing either a distribution that doesn't require systemd or use a kernel other than Linux. I looked briefly at the *BSD's, but found them to be too much anti-GPL for my tastes. I then looked at GNU Hurd, but found it lacking too much to use as my primary OS. I then discovered Nix and NixOS, which i think, in general, are moving in the right direction. Soon after I discovered Guix and GuixSD. Guix seemed to be the right fit for me. I am on a journey to migrate all of my boxen to GuixSD and run Guix on top of everything else I can.

I had wanted to move to GuixSD before Stretch was released. That didn't happen. My primary laptop has been running GuixSD for a while. The spousal unit's laptop has been running GuixSD for a few weeks.

  1. Probably late 1990's when looking to move from sendmail at the ISP I was working at. ↩

  2. I have to learn systemd anyway for $WORK. ↩