Unfortunately, I've had to stop using GuixSD on my primary workstations and on my wife's laptop. As far as my wife's laptop, well she needed packages not yet packaged and I don't have time to package such things at this time. I had to go back to Sid or perhaps Stretch, I don't remember.

At any rate, I think now all of my systems (at least the ones that are actually running right now) are some flavor of Debian with Guix on top. Which is fine, I guess, but does cause some interesting interactions. I have Perl installed in Debian with an assortment of perl modules and perl installed in guix with it's assortment of perl modules.

My idea is that when I have everything I need as a Guix package I can uninstall the Debian one, eventually I can run GuixSD again, maybe. Debian packaging becomes interesting, and I still need to build able to create Debian packages, at least for $work. The Debian packaging tools, (pbuilder, debhelper and friends) rather assume a Debian host system, which GuixSD is not. I don't have a good solution for such yet.

I need to spend more time thinking on this.