Several months ago, Github updated their ToS, which read to me more like a license grant rather than a ToS. I'm not sure GPL'ed code is compatible with the new ToS, apparently others do not share my opinion, which is fine. I'm not going to rehash the arguments here as they are not hard to find and I'm not a lawyer. I did take the action of deleting my Github account. I also deleted my Gitlab and Bitbucket accounts, as I was getting little to no value add from these, and now I have 2 less ToS to monitor.

I logged into LinedIn, they also have a new ToS. I didn't see nothing in it particular bad, per se. I don't like some of the phrases saying they can use my data as they see fit. I'm considering deleting my account there. I still occasionally receive an email via LinkedIn. My current employer seems to be offshoring jobs, so I may need LinkedIn at some point in the near future. I'm trying to build my own personal brand with this wiki and becoming more active in the Free Software and Open Source communities. Don't know how successful I shall be, as this is rather foreign to me.