I have been working with AIX since I started my present job back in February, 2011. I wasn't really familiar with AIX at the time. I've learned a bit since then, mostly that it is an odd system. Seems IBM, looked at BSD and System V, took the best parts out, and merged what was left and called it AIX, but I digress.

As there are not really any HLL languages available for AIX, I wrote a lot of stuff in perl. I'm not a particularly big fan of perl, but it does seem to be a necessary evil for sysadm work. I'd much rather write Python or most any lisp. ;) The really annoying thing about perl on aix is it is a horribly ancient version, 5.8 to be exact. I wrote a program that takes source tarballs with a gnu build system or similar and transforms such into an installp package.

Apparently, at some point, I upgraded a couple of core libraries, such as File::Copy. I needed to use the cp variant so that files could be copied including permission bits, much like the the cp command found on most POSIXish systems.

I did not take proper notes. When the box migrated to AIX 7.1, perl was upgraded to a merely ancient version of perl, 5.10. The upgraded core libraries were no longer upgrade, my program had hard to find bugs deep in its innards. I found this entire thing rather frustrating, especially as most of it was actually self inflicted.

I think I shall sort out better ways to do document what I have done, perhaps looking at readme driven development and/or test-driven development. I'm also looking at Guix to sort out even better ways to manage things.