Résumés and LinkedIn profiles are 2 things I hate to maintain. As an IT professional in the 21st century, they are a kind of must have. Even if one is happy with their position, most of us have no way of knowing if their company will decide to offshore the work force. It seems best to have a professional presence in the web to easily be found by recruiters. LinkedIn, résumés, and the major job sites seem to be the best way to accomplish this.

As a developer, I firmly adhere to the DRY method, thus would like a single source for my résumé that can be used everywhere. I've not quite achieved that as LinkedIn doesn't provide proper API's (at least that I could find) to manage profiles. I have to cut and paste things to keep LinkedIn updated. sigh

Way back in the early 2000's, possibly before I was maintaining the résumé in LaTeX and converting it to pdf with pdflatex which worked out quite well. People, mostly recruiters, still insisted on a Word formatted résumé. I don't think recruiters in general read résumés, they just scan them into some sort of database or hack off headers and personal identifying information to send to their clients. I suspect it is easier to do so with Word than with a pdf. Pandoc, at least at the time, didn't really do a satisfactorily job and conversion to Word (or odt).

I discovered org-mode, I don't know when, but a long time ago. Org-mode is an emacs mode for managing org files. Org is, at its core, a markup language, but emacs uses such mark up to maintain TODO lists, note taking, outlining, GTD, and many other things. Org also has exporters which can export org to (amongst others) LaTex, markdown, and odt.

Now I have my résumé in org. It is still plain text so git can track changes. I can export to LaTeX and then pdf, so I get a copy I can send to people or upload to job boards. I can also export to plain text so I can cut-n-paste into my LinkedIn profile. As an added bonus, I can export to markdown, so I have a copy online in my wiki.

Still I have few things to automate. I'm not sure the best place to add the hook at the moment. Should I add the hook to emacs, so when it saves the resume.org file, it causes the pdf to be generated and uploaded to the web, then exports it to markdown for inclusion into the wiki or should this be in git commit hook?