I have so many boxen to track, I thought I might keep a list here. I'm not sure I have a good naming idea, but it is what it is.


Typically looney toon characters.

  • taz -- my main laptop (hardware failure)
  • tweety -- Sheila's laptop (GuixSD)
  • marvin -- laptop I am using (GuixSD)

tablets, chromebooks, phones

These are largely untracked, and run a non-free OS.

If I know what they were, I probably would list them.

Rokus, TVs, APs, switches

I don't really name these, outside of the DNS name they get.


Typically Norse gods

  • thor -- hosts most infrastructure services and file servers (Debian). I would upgrade this one to Guix, but I need lvm and git-annex.
  • loki -- hardware failure.


Typically Wizards from the Tolkien universe.

  • gandalf (debian)
  • radagast (debian)