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I think for the holidays I will investigate and . I will have to learn about multicast. Perhaps I can learn to stream movie files to a smartv tv. I should be able to at least discover what sort of devices are listening on my network.

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@cbaines I haven't converted my fileserver yet, as I've not sorted out how to setup md raid sets in and don't really wish to test the restore part of my backup.

I haven't converted my firewall either. Need to sort out how guix manages multiple networks.

Don't have a good solution for the web hosts either.

I just run on top of these system.

I would like to free up more time to work on this...

So many things, so little time.

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ah poor from says that will bring #OpenSource #Community to

so naive! most probable is that #RedHat will lose the community, and IBM should really try hard for that to not happen


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