I find myself frustrated or maybe annoyed is a better word. I have several Debian systems in production1 that need updating rather badly. I did this to myself. I know better. I'll bet this won'twill happen again.

I'm going to try to do better.

At least until I loose interest.

The idea in my head at the moment is to rebuild everything2 from bare metal in an automated fashion. On reason I'm in this shape is because of systemd. I have it pinned where it won't install. I can no longer simple run apt-get upgrade. I forget what it was complaining about, I didn't want to deal with it at the time. I need to get to stretch to stay current with security updates.

I shall start with my linode vps systems as they will be the easiest to sort out as I can just create a new linode and move over services. I'm thinking I can write a stack script, hit the api and provision a linode and run fai softupdate. At that point I'm done. Well I have to have a lot in place to be done at that point. ;)

So in order to pull this off, I will need to have an fai configuration space.

First, I need to write some code to hit the linode api.

  1. My version of production, not that I am running an enterprise level infrastructure. ;) ↩

  2. Well, not my file server. I don't have reasonable back ups of all the movies. I don't really wish to copy the dvds again. I have nowhere to which to back them up. I have 4 spindles, but they are all in a raid-6 set. ↩